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Trimpex Union Group



Trimpex Union Group is a holding of 5 companies operating in various fields such as international sea and road transport, logistics, mining and construction. The beginning of the holding is set with the establishment of the first private shippping agency in Bulgaria – Trimpex Union by capt. Stoyan Shtarbakov in 1990 in the sea capital of Bulgaria – Varna. .

The holding offers a rich portfolio of services in various areas in order to keep up with the dynamic market and the challenegs in managing a contemporary business. In our 30+ years of history we have built a reputation of a reliable and loyal partner, committed to professionalism and efficacy. Our team of young and motivated professionals is the driving force of the holding.


If our clients can describe us in one word, they would say that we are loyal. This is one of the qualities which we are very proud with. We work mainly with long-term clients with whom we have over 20 years of partnership. Our clients know that they can rely on us when they are vulnerable.


Our considerable experience taught us that flexibility is a crucial quality in the transport industry due to the fact that decisions are often taken under pressure. We know how to resolve critical situations by using our creativity and thinking outside of the box.


We do not compromise with the quality of the service we provide. We strive for perfectionism in everything we do – something capt. Shtarbakov thaught us through the years.


We conduct daily research on the markets in order to maintain our pricing competitive.

Added value

We offer more than a service: calmness, that all logistc challenges in your business will be solved; security that all documents in the supply chain will be impeccable; opportunity to focus on and invest your time in other aspects of your business; a relationship because we are friendly and interested in more that closing a deal.

Trimpex Union Group

Our History


How is the idea for Trimpex Union born?

Capt. Stoyan Shtarbakov travels the world and thanks to his profession he observes hundreds of shipping agencies in various countries. After long years of sailing, he settles in Varna – the sea capital of Bulgaria. Inspired by the idea to continue his work in the sea transport on land, after the end of socialist regime in 1989, he establishes the first private shipping agency in Bulgaria in the beginning of 1990.


Establishment of the first private shipping agency in Bulgaria in 1990.

In 1990 capt. Stoyan Shtarbakov founds the first private shipping agency in Bulgaria


The foundation of Navigation Shipping and Trading

In 1991 capt. Shtarbakov establishes Navigation Shipping and Trading in order to expand the services portfolio of the company and strengthen its presence on the shipping market.


Establishment of the first regular Ro-Ro passanger and container line Varna-Novorossiysk.

In 1993 to 1998 Trimpex Union together with NavBul create the first regular Ro-Ro passenger container line Varna-Novorossiysk. Later on, other companies are involved in the Ro-Ro.


The creation of the private fleet of Trimpex Union

In 1998 commences the organisation of the private fleet of Trimpex Union.


Establishment of N-Supply

Expansion of the company’s activities to road transport – S Trans Union.

The diversification of the holding’s portfolio to ship supply, auto transport and warehousing activity in 2005 lays the foundations of our holistic approach to offering transport services to our clients, namely to providing a holistic logistic solution.


Expanding service portfolio of S Trans Union

S Trans Union adds to its services mining and extraction. With this new addition, we manage to cover the complete logistic needs of companies like Kaolin (Quarzwerke).


Investments and rearrangements of the company’s internal affairs

Introducing various new transport areas in the holding created the need for many changes, important decisions, internal reorganisation and considerable investments for a long period of time.


Modernisation and rearrangement of S Trans Union

In 2016 S Trans Union refurbishes its warehouse and transport depot and constructs a 6000 m2 indoor area for storage of packed and bulk goods.


Establishment of Union Stroy

The idea for Union Stroy is tightly connected to the development of S Trans Union as a company, the constant increase of workload and interest of current customers. Union Stroy exists a couple of years under the name of S Trans Union and subsequently it becomes an independent construction company and the 5th company in the holding Trimpex Union Group.


Progress, sustainability and modernisation

Our focus is on sustainable development, modernisation and digitalisation.