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About Navigation Shipping and Trading

Navigation Shipping and Trading is established in 1991 and is one of the founding members of the holding Trimpex Union Group. It is one of the first private freight forwarding companies in Bulgaria.

Navigation Shipping and Trading offers a wide range of forwarding services. You can rely on us 24/7/365 to organise the transportation of your goods and also to prepare all documents needed for the logistic supply chain.

Port operations and forwarding

  • Handling general, bulk, hazardous, heavy and oversized cargo
  • Loading and unloading operations from/to ships, trucks, wagons, containers
  • Containerization and decontainerization
  • Stevedore and dock services
  • Terminal services
  • Customs formalities, reports and accountability

    Container transport FCL/LCL

    • Transport of various cargo from and to every part of the world
    • Full containers, dry van 20‘, 40‘ regular containers, 45‘, “flat rack” and“open top” for oversized goods ; ISO and flexitank containers for liquid goods
    • Transport of goods under specific temperature regime in refeer containers
    • Groupage freight – a reliable solution for transportation of goods that cannot fill in a container
    • Service “door-to-door” in optimal terms
    • Trade with new and used containers in Bulgaria
    • Technical consultation and inspection of containers, including CSC certification

    Handled ships (on average per year)


    Handled tonnage (on average per year)


    Railway transport

    • International and domestic transport of all types of goods and containers with regular and special wagons
    • Bulgaria, Asia, Europe, Russia, Middle and Far East

    Road transport

    • International and domestic transportof general and bulk cargo, hazardous goods (ADR), liquid cargo, all kinds of containers, cargo on a temperature regime
    • Groupage freight from/to Europe, Russia and Asia

    Air transport

    • Transport from/to all cargo airport for general, hazardous and under temperature regime cargo

    Multimodal transport

    • Combined transport of various goods according to the needs of the client with transport of various goods according to the clients’ needs one contractual agreement/ bill of landing.
    • Logistic solutions “door-to-door”
    • Optimisation of routes and transhipment processes
    • Customs formalities

    Cargo insurance

    • Cargo insurance according to clauses:
      • Institution cargo clause /A/
      • Institution cargo clause /B/
      • Institution cargo clause /C/

    Customs representation

    • Customs represenation and preparation of all documents for import, export and transit.
    • Providing a bank guarantee for transit
    • Preparation of customs documentation and certificates EUR1, T2L, A. TR.;
    • Preparation and authentification of phytosanitary and veterinary certificate, certificate of origin
    • EORI registration
    • Consultations
    • Ports Varna West; Varna East

      Types of cargo

      • Wheat and sugar
      • Kaolin, chamotte, sand
      • Gypsum, limestone
      • Cement
      • Metal scrap
      • Wood material
      • Metals
      • Coal and coke
      • Fertilisers and chemicals
      • Oils


      Devnya Southern Industrial Zone, 20482.505.450


      +359 52 632170/ +359 52 632173
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