Union Stroy

Industrial and residential construction


Completed projects

“Sustainability and Green Development” Project

Complete demolition of the old sod plant to ground zero ( about 230 acres)

Construction ofthe only landfill for toxic and hazardous goods on the territory of Varna district.

Construction of treatment plant at hazardous goods depot.

Construction of three solar parks and the accompanying transformer stations.

Renovation of Agropolychim’s depot

  • Construction of retention basin, drainage and connection of a new landfill

  • Construction of a landfill for phosphogypsum according to an assignment.

  • Complete reclamation of an old phosphogypsum depot. Demolition of old warehouses and the construction of new ones.

  • Construction of a part of their production line .

Renovation of S Trans Union’s Warehouse

Complete renovation of an existing 2000 m2 warehouse– construction of new flooring, masonry, replacement of window frames, insulation and construction of retaining walls.

Construction of a new warehouse with an area of 1 acre- assembly of metal construction and fencing with thermal panels, construction of industrial floor

Construction of two new shaprons with an area of 500 and 1450 m2, including all preparatory and construction activities.

Concrete flooring, ramps, formwork, drywall and skeletal work

Road construction

  • Construction of temporary roads in Devnya Cement plant

Technophos Prjoect

  • Construction of a drainage system
  • Maintenance of technical equipment

  • Interior painting and insulation

Solvay Sodi Project

  • Restoration and renovation of the facade of an administrative building for autotransport
  • Constructional repair of various premises
  • Repair and construction of a laboratory room for analysis
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Residential construction

“Guest house resort in the Bulgarian town Apriltsi” Project

Guest house “Baba Stana” and “Young Granny” in Marishnitsa neighbourhood in Apriltsi town.

Industrial construction


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